Cotton Socks With A Rolled Edge And A Tropical Pattern

Cotton Socks With A Rolled Edge And A Tropical Pattern

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Enjoy the sensation of the tropics in Bleuforêt's new spring-summer collection! The tropical motif on these rolled edge cotton socks is ideal all summer long. Made from 97% cotton, these women's socks are ultra-soft and, thanks to Corespun, a lycra thread covered with cotton, feel like 100% cotton on the skin. The imaginative tropical pattern is very fresh.

These truly are the most exquisite socks in the world! Since 1994 Bleuforêt has been manufacturing socks and tights in the heart of the Vosges mountains, a family owned business.The company relies on an ancestral know-how present in this Vosges valley. It opts for a reasoned and environmentally friendly production with a strong desire to manufacture a sustainable product from natural materials. These are the commitments that define Bleuforêt's DNA. Using only dyed yarns certified Eoko-Tex, guaranteeing the absence of substances harmful to health. Our factory respects the environment that surrounds it. We systematically and scrupulously recycle the waste we produce. This represents 25 tons of recycled cardboard per year, 20 tons of recycled textile waste and 6 tons of recycled plastics. Finally, 70% of the plant's electricity needs are self-produced thanks to the use of a hydroelectric turbine.


  • 97% COTTON, 3% LYCRA