Fontella Hoodie



Your curves deserve better than the old huge cotton sweatshirts that don't do them justice, especially when there are more flattering options that are just as comfortable! Indeed, this classic has never been so flattering and comfortable and this is possible thanks to a cut developed to put you forward as well as an exceptional cotton knit. Whether it's to accompany all your favorite bottoms or your wonderful dresses, this is a piece that pairs perfectly with a multitude of garments for almost magical versatility. Coming in a brilliant color this season, Fontella is the spark that ignites your looks and adds passion to the simplest outfits. In addition, you can adjust the bottom of the garment to adapt it to your figure and your tastes, thanks to its adjustment cord. Whether for cool summer days or frigid winter moments, Fontella is the perfect complement to your everyday outfits, from lounge to work. It is an immortal piece in your wardrobe, so it is essential for it to be absolutely perfect; it is with this idea in mind that Fontella was designed. Check out this remarkable top and enjoy all the softness Fontella has to offer!  


  • Materials
    • 92% cotton
    • 8% spandex 

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