Joy Jacket Dress



The Joy Jacket will keep you cool, confident and stylish with rich amethyst polka dots that parade across deepest black. This playful print easily pairs with the black bamboo basics from your DK wardrobe. 

Diane created the A-Line Joy Jacket with your comfort in mind giving you a cocoon of cool cotton to enjoy. Featuring an easy A line fit, a captivating shaped V neckline, a stand-up collar, 3/4 sleeves and roomy side-seam pockets.

This sophisticated printed jacket can be styled in 3 different ways to open up your wardrobe options. It's elegant as a jacket ,you can also wear it as a long tunic partially unbuttoned or you can wear it fully buttoned up as a stunning printed dress with a pendant necklace and a strappy sandal.  It would also make an elegant cover-up over a swimsuit.


  • 100% Woven Cotton for comfort and breathability. The weight of this jacket is light and meant to layer without adding bulk to your silhouette. This is a light woven cotton top layer more for fashion than warmth.

  • Zinc buttons imported from Italy

  • Made in Canada

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