Lola Llama Plush Toy



When you’re looking for a plush that will make a statement, look no further than our fabulous Lola the Llama stuffed animal! This extra large plush llama will capture the imaginations and charm the hearts of all who have the pleasure of meeting her! Lola’s distinctive expression can be attributed to her luxuriously long eyelashes and expertly detailed nostrils and mouth. Special designer materials have been selected for her outrageously shaggy coat of plush fur. It’s soft, tangly texture will delight and enchant! Lola’s cuddly, floppy body style will make her the go-to stuffed animal when it’s time for hugs and relaxation. And for additional flair she comes with a bright, multi colored halter and decorative accent. Lola the Llama is a stuffed animal that is big in both personality and size and would make an unforgettable gift for a llama lover of any age!


Additional information

  • SIZE 18 × 16 × 9 in

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