Solid shampoos and conditioners are catching on big time! These handy-for-travel and eco-friendly products are ultra-concentrated, soap-free and deliver incredible results without the use of any plastics. Formulated for all hair types. Handy storage tins included in this gift box.

East Coast Glow’s Blue Tansy + Frankincense line is created with wildcrafted botanical extracts of fireweed, Japanese knotweed, calendula, chamomile, helichrysum, lavender, and rose and is made right here in Bonavista, Newfoundland & Labrador.


  • Blue Tansy + Frankincense Solid Shampoo Bar 65gr
  • Blue Tansy + Frankincense Solid Conditioner Bar 65gr
  • 2 Storage Tins, 1 black, 1 silver 
  • Big Land Soap 
  • Dino Nail Brush
  • Packaged in a Canyon Iridescent Tin Planter or handy catch all
  • Wrapped in a green tea towel and adorned with an ornamental succulent. The string (from Mercer's Marine) can be used again to play Cat's Cradle!
  • Dino Christmas Card Caption inside: Wishing you Enormous joy this holiday season.
  • JR Gift Box Holiday Special  - Value $110.00  YOUR PRICE $95.00      You save 15.00!

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