The Life of Fly

The Life of Fly

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When they re not buzzing in our ears or ruining our picnics, flies have lives of their own. Until now, their tiny world has remained completely unknown to humankind. In this engaging study, photographer Magnus Muhr carefully documents the world of the common housefly and reveals that when we re not around, flies behave pretty much like we do. Playing golf or soccer, sunbathing, partying, dating, singing, and even fly fishing anything s possible in the fascinating (if brief) Life of Fly . Featuring the best of Muhr s spooky yet surprisingly sweet creations, this macabre collection is sure to captivate humans like no fly has done before.


    Written by: Magnus Muhr
    Format: Hardcover
    Number of Pages: 72
    Dimensions: 14 x 1.3 x 19 cm