Wild Rose Infusion Sugar Scrub



Equal parts floral, whimsy and citrus!

East Coast Glow’s Wild Rose Infusion Sugar Scrub is made with hand-foraged wild roses that are carefully infused into both the sugar and macerated oil blend. Perfectly paired with top notes of lemon to provide a gentle, barely-there wild rose scent profile that is reminiscent of rural Newfoundland summers.  

This emulsified sugar scrub is designed to gently buff skin to stimulate cell regeneration and combat dullness, before magically transforming into a luxurious lotion-type milk that washes away clean, never oily, to reveal bright, glowy skin.  

Handmade using a wild rose-infused blend of avocado, almond, olive and MCT oils, and organic shea, cocoa and mango butters to soothe and deeply hydrate, helping skin to restore its own natural glow. 250 mL | 8 oz. 

The Ritual

Scoop out desired amount and squeeze it into a ball to bring into shower or bath. Break away small pieces of the scrub and gently rub in a circular motion on body until a dense cream forms and sugar dissolves. Rinse clean. This product is preservative-free – keep moisture out!


  • Do not store glass in shower. Use 1-2 times per week.
  • Good for: Dullness + Uneven Texture + Dryness
  • Washes away clean – no slippery, oily residue.
  • Vegan + Sustainable

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