Work from Home in "Good hYOUman"

Introducing "Good hYOUman" to


The work from home wear that you've been waiting for.....A mix between loungewear, feel good clothing, and amazing quality, the brand "Good hYOUman" has created the "work from home wear" that we've all been searching for! 


We know that A LOT of you are working from home right now, and we are too! At first we loved the idea of sitting around in our pj's all day and working from home, but lately we've been finding that we miss putting on a fabulous outfit! 


Working from home may be our new normal for now, but it doesn't mean that we have to live in pyjamas (unless you want to - then we 100% support that!) A lot of us are starting to crave a sense of normalcy again, and getting dressed in something fun, that makes you feel good, can help do just that!


So....this is where we introduce you to "Good hYOUman", the brand that screams comfort but allows you to stay stylish. 



We are currently carrying an assortment of their tops which come in array of different patterns and styles. These tops are first and foremost, comfortable, but they are also "work from home appropriate" as in, you feel like you got dressed for the day, but you are as comfortable as you would be in pyjamas (you can also wear them during your zoom calls!)



So, this all sounds amazing right? It gets better, All of the tops that we are carrying by Good hYOUman have fun and inspirational sayings on them, and we promise they will make you smile! 

So, to recap - Good hYOUman is not only comfortable, but stylish, and really uplifting in their messaging & we all know that a little extra positivity doesn't hurt. Check out some of the pieces that we are currently carrying...



We recommend pairing any of the "Good hYOUman" longsleeves, tees, or tank tops with "C'est Moi" bamboo leggings for extra comfort. Or, if you're looking for a slightly less "comfy" look, try out a pair of KUT jeans!   


Are you ready to rock some new "work from home" wear? Click here to check out all of the Good hYOUman pieces that we have available online now!