St. Patrick's Day: Fashion Edition

How to wear green without looking like you are in search of a pot of gold!

Whether you are taking part in the holiday festivities or just thinking of adding a little of this trending color to your wardrobe, here are all our hot tips on how to do it right!


  1. Choose the right shade for you. When choosing a green item for yourself make sure you choose a color that is complementary to your skin tone. If you are warm toned, then opt for greens with a yellow undertone such as olive, chartreuse, lime, shamrock, or pear. If you have a cool skin tone, pick greens with a blue undertone such as fern, emerald, mint, pine, basil, or pistachio. We have multiple shades of green in the shop, so you are sure to find something just right! 
  2. Less is more. Don’t overdo it in head to toe green. If you are going bold or classic with your green, add a pop of color and keep the rest of your outfit subdued and minimal. Add a pop of dark green to a all-black outfit to create a sophisticated look that is perfect for business meetings and other professional settings. 
  3. Green can be classy! If you love the color but want to stay with your classic vibe, pairing a green hued jacket with a soft ivory sweater screams classy and ready for spring. 
  4. Freshen it up with florals and botanicals! Create a spring-ready look with crisp white and gorgeous greenery. Spring is all about transformation, so why not add some flora and fun to your outfit! 
  5. When in doubt wear sage or olive. These earthy tones tend to suit everyone and is neutral enough to match perfectly with denim. This is a great way to slowly start adding one of this season’s hottest colors to your wardrobe. 
  6. It doesn’t have to be about the clothes. We get it, not everyone is as head-over-heels about green as we are, but there is no reason not to be on point with the rest of us. Add the smallest touch of green and you will let the world know you aren’t afraid of adding a little fun to your life. A little touch of green in your jewelry is all you really need! 
  7. If you are the person who loves to celebrate their Irish heritage, would never shy away from the color of the shamrock, and will definitely be seen enjoying a green beer, we’ve got you covered! 


Regardless of who you are or what your personal style is, we can definitely help you integrate a little green into your life. Don’t believe you can pull off a green look? Come see us and one of our JR Style Experts will make sure you walk out the door looking like it was the color you were born to wear!

Your friends won’t think you’ve been searching for a pot of gold, but you will look like you definitely found one!

P.S. Leprechauns welcome!