Using Colors in Wardrobe to Improve Your Mood and Rejuvenate Your Spirit

There is a reason that the sky takes on the colors of orange and yellow at sunrise and sunset - to alert our spirits that it’s time to begin or time to rest. The blue of a gorgeous sunny day both energizes us and gives us a certain sense of calm, while a grey foggy day can make everything seem a little quieter and more subdued.

In the woods surrounded by lush shades of green and earthy browns, we feel calm and grounded; by the deep blue ocean, foamy turquoise waves crash onto sandy hues or soft grey rocks and fill us with tranquility.  


Research shows that the colors we wear and surround ourselves with can affect our mood, behavior, and stress levels. It can affect how people respond to us. It can even affect our physical body by changing our heart rate, blood pressure and respiration.  

We are all attracted to different colors - this has a lot to do with our personality, as well as what we feel compliments our skin tone, hair color, body shape and lifestyle.  We all have colors that just make us feel happy and alive.  

Color sends feedback to our brains. Wearing neutrals makes us feel safe. Wearing brighter, bolder colors make us feel more extroverted, alive, and engaged with the world. The science behind mood and color is extensive.  

Here are our hot tips on getting the most out of color in your wardrobe so that you can feel balanced and ready for all life’s moments! 


Black for Sophistication 

When you wear black, it says “Hello, I am sophisticated, stylish and classy.” It can also give an air of mystery and most certainly says “I am powerful and professional.” Black can also create a slimming and elongating effect on the body. This is why everyone should have a black piece in their closet. Whether that is a little black dress or a perfect power suit, this is a no negotiation color you must have.  



Grey for Balance 

When you wear grey, you will be neutral, subtle, and balanced. A grey piece can show yourself and the world you can be quiet and practical. However, don’t go overboard with this tone as it can certainly make you look washed out, sad, and dull. Newfoundland has enough grey days, so color should be used sparingly when you want to appear confident and on an equal playing field. A grey sweater, pants, or overcoat can be a great staple in your wardrobe. 

JR Color Recommendation for 2023: Silver or lilac gray 


Blue for Positivity 

Blue gives feelings of peacefulness, positivity, and tranquility. It can also be light, airy, and encourage others to want to be in your calming presence. It can make you look independent and clever. This color can be incorporated throughout your wardrobe in varying hues at different times of the year. Brighter blues can refresh your wardrobe after a long winter. In cooler months use deep earth toned blues like cobalt. If you are more drawn to softer natural hues of the color you can go with light blue, aqua or turquoise. The number one item to have in your wardrobe, even if you aren’t feeling the blues, is an amazing pair of blue jeans that just scream relaxed vibes. 

JR Color Recommendation for 2023: Skylight Blue or Cobalt 


Red to Go Bold 

Red is passion, intensity, dominance, and love. If you love wearing this color already then you are likely an extroverted and outgoing person. If you want to be the center of attention, get yourself a fabulous red number to wear. If it’s not necessarily your go-to color, keep it simple with some sexy undergarments or a woodsy flannel piece. Both very different items but equally powerful in their own right.  

JR Color Recommendation for 2023: Saffron, Ochre or Fiery Red 


Purple to Command Respect 

Purple is artistic, luxurious, and spiritual. It doesn’t just express wealth as we’ve become accustomed to associate it with. It also reveals a deep personality, a fulfilling inner life, and a strong creative spirit. It demands respect and attention. Many people think they cannot do purple clothing but trust me when I say there is a lavender or eggplant piece out there for each and every one of you regardless of gender or style personality. A purple T-shirt or sweater will do very nicely in your collection. If you aren’t ready to dive head-first into this bold color, try using it in a patterned top. 

JR Color Recommendation for 2023: Violet/Lavender/Lilac 


Pink for Youthful Energy 

Pink is energetic, fun, and youthful. It is a toned-down version of the intensity of red and can be viewed as cute and sensitive when worn by any gender. Hot pink says, “Hello I’m here and I’m ready for fun.”  You’ll love wearing a soft pink sweater, dusty rose T-shirt or a hot pink pair of shoes. 

JR color recommendation for 2023: Magenta or Crystal Rose 


Yellow Adds Inspiration 

Yellow oozes happiness and optimism. It's cheery and makes you look intelligent. It also helps you keep a focus on positivity! Buy yourself a pale-yellow dress shirt or a mustard pair of trousers and revel in feeling like sunshine! We understand that yellow may not be the color you reach for most but trust us and throw on a yellow pair of socks at the very least for an unexpected hint of joy! 

JR Color Recommendation for 2023: Empire Yellow or Mustard 


Orange Goes Social 

Orange is another one of those underutilized colors in the wardrobe, similar to yellow. People who gravitate to this color are usually creative, social, and ambitious. Orange is also warm and energetic. It will make you the life of the party. It will draw others in for conversation and is an amazing color for an extrovert. You will always make a bold and inviting statement with orange and we encourage you to incorporate even as an eye-catching accessory! 

JR Color Recommendation for 2023: Peach/Apricot or Rust 


Green for Life 

Green is a natural, healing, and calm color. In the presence of green we feel hope and think success. It is the color to wear if you want to appear charismatic, charming, and naturally down to earth. Darker tones bring to mind forests and precious gems, while lighter greens are refreshing and full of life like tropical escapes and life-giving plants. Like purple, there are a variety of different shades of green, so you can easily incorporate something to suit you.  

JR Color Recommendation for 2023: Sage or Lime  


White Says “Confidence!” 

It is the color of new, clean, and fresh energy. Wearing white tells the world “I am confident with where I am; I’m taking a fresh look at things and I’m ready for anything.” Others will view you as positive and courageous and, believe it or not, just like black it can be very powerful. Grab a crisp white button down to be ready for work or play.  



If you are more an all-black or all neutrals sort of person, don’t worry! You don’t need to overhaul your whole wardrobe or lose your personal style, but remember that color can change your mood, behavior, and stress levels. It’s a proven science!  

Thus, we strongly encourage you to delve into spicing it up with accessories such as shoes, bags, scarves, and jewelry at the very least. An entirely black outfit can become a whole new look when you add a hot pink shoe or red pair of sunglasses. 

Think about your favorite piece of clothing and its color. Why do you love it? What does it say about you? Try thinking about the colors people are wearing the next time you interact with them. Try out some new colors and see if they improve your mood and rejuvenate your spirit!   

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