Customer Care

You! It's all about you! Our aim is to give you a fun, efficient, fabulous shopping experience and everything we do is based on that intention. 

Here's just some of the ways we plan on being your best choice for the latest fashion and the coolest gifts. Think we forgot something? Dash off a suggestion and we'll get right on it!

Not Local?

We love our customers. We want you to feel taken care of regardless of location so we've come up with a variety of options to take care of your needs. Can't get into the store? We can arrange a Skype Fashion Show for you to make your selections. Live on the West Coast of NL and need that dress for an upcoming event? We'll put your package on the bus or expedite shipping. Just let us know your details and we'll come up with something that works for you. 

Personal Styling/Personal Shopping

We get it, not everyone knows how to put together a stellar outfit, what to buy to compliment the items already in your wardrobe or even the style details that best suit your figure.

That's where we come in. Call the shop and arrange a personal style session and we can start building a wardrobe that best suits your career, personality and shape. It's our specialty!

No time during our business hours? No problem, call and arrange a private fashion experience, bring a friend or two and relax while we take care of the details.

Wardrobe Building

Knowing what works for your body, how to take advantage of current trends and fit them into the pieces you already have is one of our favourite things to do for our customers. Whether you're just starting a career, moving to another level, want to shine at all your events or need more casual options, our staff will create solutions for you now that work to build your wardrobe over time. Wouldn't it be amazing to look in your closet and get excited every time because you know you'll look fabulous, regardless of the occasion?!

We can help with that!

Corporate Gifting 

Let us take the work out of your corporate gifting. Our talented staff will, with your guidance, select beautiful gifts, often locally made, that suit your gifting style. We'll wrap them and deliver them too, just say the word. 

How easy is that?!

Gift Wrapping

It's no secret that Johnny Ruth is an advocate for many of the non-profit and charitable organizations in Newfoundland & Labrador. One of our favourite's is The St. John's Women's Centre. Our gift wrapping campaign requires a donation from you that we forward to them to help with their amazing community work. Our 'wrap' stars will create gorgeous gifts for your entire list and we won't even 'out' you if you want to take all the credit!