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Personal styling 

  • Everyone from the fashionista to the sweatsuit aficionado wants to shake things up now and again. Whether your life reflects changes your wardrobe doesn’t or you're simply tired of the same pieces, a Personal Styling session with one of our JR Style experts can show you options you didn’t know you had. Adding new pieces to your classics or working with patterns, your tried and true styles and emerging trends are just some of the ways a JR Personal Styling Session will have you and your closet feeling revitalized.  Contact Us.

Corporate Styling 

  • Those university monogrammed sweats aren’t going to cut it in the corporate world. Our JR Style Expert will show you what works and what doesn’t, and we’ll do it within your budget!
  • Promotions can mean taking your career to a whole new level, make sure your wardrobe keeps up! A JR Style Expert consultation will ensure you have confidence dressing at your fingertips. Stop wasting time wondering what looks good and let us tell you for sure!  Contact Us.

Private Shopping Appointment 

  • Call the shop at 709 722-7477 during regular business hours to book a private shopping appointment in the store. Your JR Style Expert and you will have the run of the place! We want your JR Shopping experience to fit your needs even if that means after work, before work or weekends. Let us know and together we’ll make it work for you!
  • Have a wedding/celebration/ event? Bring your Mudders and Maids (translation: Bridal Party) in together for a private shopping experience that wraps up your event dressing in a jiffy!