Dory Sweatshirt



This original lino-cut print, by Janet Davis of Norton's Cove Studios, pays tribute to the legacy of the Newfoundland dory. Ranging from 5 to 7 meters in length, these vessels have a flat bottom and sharp bows. Designed with removable thwarts, dories were efficiently stacked on schooners before being lowered into the water for fishing expeditions. Manned by two skilled dory men, each boat ventured out to the fishing grounds, returning with a bounty of cod fish. Painted in vibrant yellow with green gunnels, the Newfoundland dory stands as a proud symbol of our heritage and unwavering resilience.


  •  50/50 cotton/polyester
  • 1x1 rib with spandex for enhanced stretch and recovery
  • Locally Screen Printed
  • Gildan premium cotton

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