Gaynor Pant

$29.40 $98


Discover brand new simple pants that you won't want to be without with Gaynor! This ¾ capri gives you a wonderfully simple and comfortable fit that makes it an everyday staple. Made of a stretchy printed knit, you'll feel so good in these pants that you'll go from your daily activities to relaxing without feeling the need to change. Its lightweight printed knit makes it a comfortable item that remains so throughout the day, in addition to adding color and life to your simplest outfits. Wear it with your favorite dresses and tunics for the pleasure of not worrying about the slightest gust of wind or to spare your thighs on humid days. Its classic and delicate print gives it an air that is both mysterious and seductive; these pants offer all the versatility you need to move easily from one event to another. Indeed, Gaynor's detailed and delicate print adds richness to your simplest looks by making an incredible ally in your everyday wardrobe and for all occasions. These are the perfect pants to add a go-anywhere touch to your wardrobe.


  • Materials:
    • 95% viscose
    • 5% elastane

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