Iceberg Infused Soap - Wild Birch Sap


East Coast Glow crafts their exceptionally natural cold process soap using pure iceberg water, premium oils, and nourishing butters. Infused with natural clays, essential oils, and wildcrafted botanicals, their bars offer a luxurious lather and replenishing properties. Free from synthetics, preservatives, parabens, fragrances, or artificial colors, East Coast Glow prioritizes purity. Their collaboration with forager Shawn Dawson yielded the limited edition Wild Birch Sap Iceberg Infused Cold Processed Soap. A rich blend of organic cocoa and shea butters, paired with an enchanting essential oil profile of fir needle, black spruce, and earth, creates a sensorial journey into the boreal forest. Hand-tapped birch sap is rich in bioactive amino acids and minerals, adding excellent moisturizing benefits. As a superb humectant, its small molecules enhance skin absorption for a radiant complexion.

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