Mother's Day Cards

Social distancing, self isolation, quarantine, no matter what you call it we are so glad you are taking care of yourselves and each other by staying home.

Even more, we are so happy to be able to share Johnny Ruth treasures with you in this time of uncertainty. 

While we have been in our own isolation bubble I have been trying to keep connected with friends and family, especially my mom who is the heart of our clan, as I’m sure you have too. I’ve taken advantage of social media and conferencing software, chatted on the phone and texted too. It’s so nice to hear from mom and other loved ones and to see smiling faces on the other end of the screen but it feels like something is missing. The connection that we usually have with our family and friends is what we cherish most. 

I’ve been working with my kids and husband to share the connection with our moms the best way I can, with a note or card from our Johnny Ruth stationery collection. 

If you are struggling to share the connection with your friends and family check out my favorite cards for sharing with mom this Mother’s Day! 

This card is a perfect card for moms who love to cook and share a great meal with the whole family!

“Great stock”

If your mom loves to garden this is the card for her!

“Mom garden card”


Finally if you are like me, holding it all together during this time because mom taught you so well, you’ll want to get this one out to her for Mother’s Day!

“Being awesome card”


We sure do love our moms and we would love to help you celebrate yours and the connection you share by helping you find the perfect card to pop in the mail or deliver to her doorstep.

You can view all of our Mother’s Day cards here or any occasion card here

Don’t forget you can give us a call or send us a message today to plan out your Mother’s Day shopping and have it delivered directly to mom!  

Emilee & the Johnny Roots Team