A Goldie Girl’s Guide to Social Distancing - 4 Ways to Switch Up Your Beauty Routine During Quarantine

Written by Annelise Hearn, Co-owner of Goldie Beauty Bar



Be honest with us, at some point during this pandemic you’ve closely inspected your rapidly-emerging roots, contemplated how you would look with a DIY fringe bang, or maybe your hair has just been piled into some sort of weird bun on top of your head since mid-March. Your brows are out of control, you’re breaking out from stress and junk food, and your lash extensions are a fond, distant memory. It’s okay - we’re all there with you. With salon closures nearing the 2-month mark, there is no doubt that the beauty situation is dire. 

Here at Goldie Beauty Bar, there is nothing we love more than making our clients look and feel their absolute best. While we aren’t able to pamper you in person during this pandemic, our mission never stops; that’s why we were so thankful and excited when Johnny Ruth asked us to contribute a piece to their new blog. This gave us the perfect opportunity to share a few ways to switch things up, and to make the most of your quarantine beauty routine. 

  • Hair

  • We know. You need your hair done like never before, but before you reach for the box dye or search up a quick at-home haircut tutorial on youtube, let’s have a chat. Your stylist will still be there for you when this is over. Rather than spend your hard earned money fixing an at-home disaster, shift your focus to giving your hair this time to repair and grow so you can return to the salon with strong, healthy locks. 


    Take this opportunity to give your hair a well-deserved break from heat. Blow dryers and styling tools are one of the main causes of damage when used excessively or incorrectly. If you are the oily type, or are in the habit of washing your hair every single day, this is also a great time to wean yourself off the shampoo bottle.

    Over-washing hair is another damaging and counter-productive habit as it strips hair of its natural oil, causing the oil glands in your scalp to overcompensate and produce even more oil. Break this cycle by going as long as you can between washes while no one but your immediate bubble will see you.  

    While we’re focused on achieving strong, healthy hair, we also recommend adding some nourishing masks or treatments into your routine. Our favourites are Olaplex No.3 and Amika Soulfood Nourishing hair mask



  • Lashes

  • Whether you are a fan of lash extensions or   prefer their lower-maintenance cousin, the   lash lift, there is no doubt that by this point   in quarantine your lashes are feeling a little lack-luster. While you are unable to visit your favourite lash girl, we recommend reaching for a lash-growth serum, like Revive 7. (https://goldie-beauty-bar.myshopify.com/products/revive-7-lash-brow-growth-serum-pre-order?_pos=2&_sid=9b719b36b&_ss=r)

    Using a serum on your lashes to stimulate growth will help you achieve long, healthy lashes just waiting for the perfect lash lift. More of a lash extensions girl?  A lash growth serum is for you too! Longer, stronger lashes give a great foundation for lash extensions, allowing for better retention and, of course, that wow factor.

  • Brows

  •  I know, I know. Your brows either have you feeling like Freida Khalo or Gwen Stefani in 2001 right now. Whatever camp you’re in - my advice is to lay down the tweezers and back away from the magnifying mirror. Now is a prime opportunity to let those babies grow! Whether you were trying to fix your sparse brows or an over-plucking situation prior to COVID-19, or you want to transform your brows into fierce, fluffy supermodel brows, the best thing you can do for your brows during quarantine is to let them be. With no one but your immediate bubble seeing you daily (no, your zoom meeting can’t see your eyebrows in glaring high-definition), take this opportunity to encourage brow growth and forget the mistakes you made in the early 2000’s. Did we mention that Revive 7 also works great for brows? Eyebrow shaping is best left to the professionals. For now, let them grow and maybe try brow lamination for a hot-off-the-runway look when salons re-open.

  • Take care of your face

  • Take advantage of this downtime to focus on aspects of your beauty routine that may be neglected. Start by giving your makeup brushes a good, deep clean to remove any dirt and break-out causing bacteria that may be hiding there (and let’s be real, when’s the last time you showed those brushes some love). Next, purge your makeup bag and toss out any products that have gone beyond their shelf-life.

    The shelf-life of beauty products is typically anywhere from 6 - 24 months, and can usually be found on the back label in a little jar icon. Finally, assess your current skin-care routine. Is your current routine working for you?

    Do you have any issues with your skin that your current products are not resolving? Quarantine is a great time to research products and mix things up a little.

    Go ahead, try that new moisturizer you’ve been eyeing. With no big events or social gatherings on the horizon, you can try out some new products without the worry of a reaction or breakout right before your friend’s birthday or that big job interview. 

    Wondering what products to try? Our personal favourite line is Face Addiction (https://goldie-beauty-bar.myshopify.com/collections/skincare), an all-natural Canadian skin care line that is formulated without the use of chemical preservatives. It is cruelty free, and contains no fragrances, colourants, parabens, or SLS. Choose from their three regimens: Fresh (for normal/combination skin), Soft (for dry/sensitive skin),  Clear (for oily/problematic skin), or try one of their light but hydrating elixirs to give your skin a radiant glow. Our favourite thing about this line?  You can pick and choose your favourite products as they are all formulated to work together with no contraindications.

    We hope this list has inspired you to take advantage of this crazy time and to make the most of your quarantine beauty routine. Above all else, remember to take some time for yourself - everyday if you can. Run yourself the perfect bath (we recommend adding a Rocks & Roots bath bomb (https://goldie-beauty-bar.myshopify.com/collections/selfcare) for an extra dose of relaxation). Drink lots of water. Get some fresh air. Marie Kondo your apartment. Read a new book. Do some yoga. Learn a new skill (Goldie offers courses in Lash Lifts and Brow Lamination that you can complete from the comfort of your living room - https://goldie-beauty-bar.myshopify.com/collections/online-education) During this time, do whatever feels good for you. 

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