Carefully Curated at Johnny Ruth

At Johnny Ruth we believe life is meant to be lived. We think you should be yourself, have fun, give back, inspire others, it's our mantra and it's how we have carefully curated ourselves and our shop. 

We love helping our customers thoughtfully add to their wardrobe, helping you curate your closet by pulling pieces we know will look great on you and will be versatile with the pieces you already own and love. 

As we bring in merchandise from new and trusted brands we choose select pieces that will work well for life in Newfoundland and Canada. These pieces are as individual as you are and since we order just one of each size you’ll likely not see anyone else wearing the same outfits you love! 

Johnny Ruth is a personality, ever evolving and recreating itself just like you do. We are changing how we work with our suppliers and consciously choosing businesses and makers who care about where their products come from, where they go and what you are looking to add to your home and your closet. 


Our purpose is to help you build your lifestyle, prioritize your needs and accentuate your individuality.