Stay Home Year 2020 - Meet Lori!


Covid-19 changed many of our plans for spring and summer travel, longer trips to warm and sunny locals were canceled but our thirst for adventure continues.
Follow our Staff Stay Home Year blog series to find out where the JR Team plans to spend their summer vacation. 


 Meet Lori! She's a customer service expert who loves shopping for fun and functional pieces that travel well. 

 “This year I am planning a staycation in Port Blanford with my partner. We plan to see the sights, take in some hiking and enjoy a few day trips to the beaches.”



“We are most excited to visit all of the craft breweries along the way, we love to try new local and unique to our province beers. To prepare for the trip we’ve been reading through The Overcast’s Guide to Beers of Newfoundland.”


“We will also be bringing our favorite JR casuals hoodies, knowing we likely won't get ‘perfect weather’ for the whole trip we want to be prepared to keep warm in the morning as the fog burns off and in the evening around the fire pit.”