We are excited to see you in store soon! 

As things are constantly changing in this situation we are adapting to create a safe and enjoyable shopping experience, please know that policies may change frequently to keep up with the current recommendations from our Public Health advisors. 


To keep you safe as you shop we have implemented the following policies for our staff.

  1. All staff will wash/sanitize their hands as they enter the store.
  2. Staff will be updated daily as to any changes in Public Health or store policy to ensure a safe shopping/working environment.
  3. Staff will sanitize commonly touched areas (ie. Checkout, debit machines, doorknobs, dressing rooms etc.) after each transaction/customer.
  4. Staff will keep a minimum 6 ft (2 meters) distance from customers as they shop, try on clothing items and checkout.
  5. Staff will steam/sanitize all items tried on by customers to minimize spread of illnesses. (Our steamer has been equipped to over 70 degrees as per safe clothing retail recommendations.) 
  6. Staff will not attend any working shifts if they are sick, show any symptoms of Covid-19 or have been asked to quarantine/self isolate and will wait 24 hours after all illness symptoms have passed before returning to work. 


To ensure the safety of all of our customers and staff we ask that customers follow our safe shopping policies while visiting our shop.

  1. Please wait to be greeted at the door, as we will be allowing a maximum of 10 guests to shop at the same time we want to ensure that you are safely welcomed into the store. Staff will ask if you have been ill or have been incontact with anyone who has been ill, have left the province in the last 14 days or if you have been asked to self-isolate/quarantine in the last 2 weeks to ensure the safety of staff and customers.
  2. Once you enter the shop please avail of our sanitization station at the front door to limit the transmission of illnesses.
  3. Once in the store feel free to move throughout the store to shop, do try to limit your physical contact with store merchandise if possible. 
  4. As you shop please allow fellow customers safe physical distancing of 6 ft (2 meters) at all times.
  5. Should you wish to try on a clothing item a staff member will accompany you to a sanitized dressing room, once you’ve completed your try on please leave all items you do not wish to purchase in the dressing room. Our staff will remove and steam all clothing items before returning them to the shopping floor.
  6. When you are ready to make a purchase please make your way to the cash where you will find an X marked on the floor which will give you and our staff members safe physical distancing. 
  7. As you make your way to exit the store, continue to allow staff and customers safe physical distancing, we suggest you once again avail of our sanitization station before you head out the door. 

Please note for the safety of our staff and customers, you should not visit the shop if you are feeling ill, have any symptoms of Covid-19, have been out of the province in the last 14 days or have been asked to self-isolate/quarantine. 


We will remain open online at during the Covid Pandemic, though the physical shop at 183 Water street will be closed.
Johnny Ruth website is being updated daily.
We are shipping throughout Newfoundland and Canada

JR is here for you!

Want to make arrangements to see the clothes up front, have pictures sent?
Email Kim at for a Facetime appointment and she'll walk you through.


We are doing contactless deliveries to your front door in St. john's and surrounding areas...for free of course.
If you want to pick up an item at the shop, please email KIm at 


JR Delivery Protocol 

At Johnny Ruth we have maintained rigorous sanitation practices while packaging your products. Please follow these safe practices when receiving your package:

  1. We will notify you when the delivery takes place. Avoid direct contact with the delivery person by having the delivery left on your front step. 
  2. Remove the external packaging promptly, and make sure that it’s discarded or recycled immediately.
  3. Wash your hands and then handle whatever is inside.

The most important concern is keeping EVERYONE healthy

If you have to return an item back to Johnny Ruth, please contact us at for further instructions.